Introducing L’oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment

Introducing L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment

We are super excited to introduce L’Oréal’s new Pro Fiber Treatment! This treatment is a breakthrough solution for women with damaged hair, and the results are simply amazing!! It works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Regimen is personalized to your individual level of damage thru a unique in-salon evaluation to asses your hair needs.
  2. After diagnosis, your stylist will apply the treatment that aligns to your level of damage to repair your hair.
  3. You will take home the prescribed Pro Fiber haircare to extend the results of the in-salon treatment for up to 6 weeks!

Watch this quick video to learn more about it:

Want to know about the science behind it?

Let’s break it down:
Before we explain what the treatment does, you need to know that Your hair has two important layers: the top or outer layer called the cuticle, and the bottom or inner layer called the cortex. The cuticle layer is your protective barrier, and it made out of shingle or scale like cells & protective fibers. The cortex layer is where your color molecules live, your hair strength lives, and your hair texture & shine lives. Basically all the magic happens in the inside layer, the cortex, and the cuticle’s function is to protect it.
When your top layer, the cuticle, is damaged, broken or worst of all missing, there is no protection for your hair and everything goes south. Look at it this way: pantyhose vs fishnet. A healthy hair cuticle mimics a pantyhose and it allows the least amount of damaging factors to penetrate through. A damaged hair cuticle mimics a fishnet and it allows the most amount of damaging factors to penetrate.

What is happening during a Pro Fiber Treatment?

The ProFiber treatment goes in and begins rebuilding the hair fibers to reinforce your hair protective barrier, while sealing and smoothing the cuticle. So, 2 things happen:

  1. It delivers Aminosilane that penetrates through the hair’s cuticle and coats the cortex layer to reinforce the hair structure. Essentially, it fills in any holes in the hairs fibers caused by mechanical or chemical damage.
  2. It uses cationic polymers to protect, seal and smooth the cuticle layer.

The results are soft, healthy, shiny hair!

Pro Fiber has three levels of customization, depending on the level of hair damage:

  • Revive Level 1: Slightly Damaged Hair
    This is for the lowest level of hair damage. Hair most likely seems slightly dry with less shine, duller color and thinner ends.
  • Restore Level 2: Damaged Hair
    In this case, the hair’s external layer is most likely scraped off and the internal hair cortex is unprotected and vulnerable to further damage. Damaged hair at this level will have a rough texture, with a dull appearance, an uneven color, split ends and light breakage.
  • Recover Level 3: Very Damaged Hair
    This is for the highest level of hair damage. Hair at this level will have a very rough texture, deconstructed with no shine, faded color, split ends, intense breakage and poor elasticity/porosity.

L’Oréal’s Pro Fiber is the first in-salon treatment on the market that provides take home tools to extend the benefits of the treatment for up to 6 weeks! This allows you to maintain beautiful, healthy hair in between hair appointments! The take home regime is customized to your level of damage and hair type, and they all provide much needed heat protection for your hair.

This treatment has quickly become our favorite repair regime because we have seen amazing results, and our guests are loving the way their hair feels weeks after they get it!



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