Beautiful Bangs To Transform Your Look In 2020

Beautiful Bangs to Transform Your Look in 2020

Adding bangs is a simple haircut that can totally transform your look. With nothing but a swipe of the scissors the shape of your face can seemingly be changed, facial features enhanced, and a more youthful image revealed. Here are some ideas for beautiful bangs that will transform your look in 2020.

Add Some Texture

If you’d like to really draw attention to your eyes try some wispy textured bangs. This style of bangs works well with virtually any hairstyle from a bob to long and layered. The layers of textured bangs softly frame your face. They accentuate your eyes while concealing any fine lines on the forehead for a more youthful look.

Side-Swept Curtains

Curtain bangs are a great choice to compensate for a long forehead. They draw the eye, balancing out your features. These longer bangs are usually parted in the middle and swept to the sides to keep them out of your way.

Baby Bangs Are Back
Often seen on children in vintage photos, baby bangs are making a comeback in 2020, and not only on children. With their youthful childlike charm, these bangs are simply darling. But these super short bangs are a more daring move since it will take longer to grow them out if you find they aren’t quite right for you.

Long and Lovely

Long tapered bangs are also becoming quite popular. This style of fringe is especially well suited for more square face shapes. They balance the jawline and create a slimming effect. Long bangs will obviously look best with longer hairstyles, but can also be lovely with some shorter cuts. 

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