She Who Lashes Last…

She Who Lashes Last…

For such tiny little flounces of keratin, eyelashes can certainly soak up a lot of your time. There’s applying mascara, combing, curling and then starting all over again, coat after monotonous coat. Fortunately, there’s a way to take back control of your lash time:Eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to get exactly the look you want from the moment you wake up.

Because each lash is individually applied, you can get the precise lookyou want. And, theyblend in seamlessly with your natural lashes. There is a huge range of styles from which to choose and the combination of length, curl type, and thickness will let you customize your lashes to be anything from demure to full-on rock star. There’s a J curl that is a more natural shape and a C curl that’s more dramatic. You can even use a combination of the two to get a cat eye look by choosing to apply J curls near the inner corners and C curls near the outer corners.

The application process isquite luxurious, too. You lay back, close your eyes and just relax. Your technician does all of the work while you catcha little down time. When you next open your eyes(and for the next six to eight weeks to come)you’ll have exactly the lashes you always wanted right from the moment you first wake up in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow. No more endless fiddling around with mascara, or worse, with glue and false lash sets. And once you’ve recieved the initial full set, we recommend you come in for fill appointments every two weeks to keep lashes full and fluffy.

We also recommend every guest use the Bella Lash EyelashCare Products, a cleanser to clean and a sealer to extend the life. We offer options in each:

The Deep Cleanser contains a gentle, nourishing formula. While the Makeup Remover contains a more heavy duty, nourishing formula for those who wear more eye makeup.

Bella Lash Deep Cleanser for Eyelash ExtensionsBella Lash Makeup Remover for Eyelash Extensions

Intelliseal is a clear, nourishingsealer to help cure the adhesive and extend the life of your extensions. Perfect Touch is a eyelash extension safe mascara that also contains the Intelliseal technology.

Bella Lash Intelliseal for Eyelash ExtensionsBella Lash Perfect Touch Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Get the precise lash look you’ve always wanted here at Voga Salon. Our team of highly trained technicians will help you choose the best lashes and give you the premier service you’ve come to expect. We want you to enjoy the experience and love the results every time you visit. You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park, or give us a call on 913.685.1832. If you want to make your own appointment instantly, use our convenient mobile app. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.



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