Understanding Salon Terms For Better Communication

Understanding Salon Terms For Better Communication

We understand that you can be overwhelmed when it comes to hair color lingo, especially for new clients. Terms like "highlights," "balayage color," and "color correction" leave you confused and unsure of your choices. Sometimes you feel like it's too late to ask a question or feel silly for not knowing. But don't worry, you've come to the right place. We're here to help you learn what these coloring service terms are, so you can go to your next hair appointment better prepared and confident in what you want.

These are created using a lightener to turn the desired sections or strands of hair a few or several shades lighter than your base. Typically the reason for adding highlights is to brighten up the overall color and add dimension to your hair.

Instead of turning hair lighter, lowlights turns it darker. Sections or strands of hair are darkened a few shades more than the base color. Lowlights, as well as highlights, are great options for those wanting subtle changes for a refreshing look.

Derived from the French word "sweep," it's a technique that offers a more natural and customizable look. A lightener or color is hand-painted with a brush throughout your hair to create a subtle transition between your roots and ends of hair. It can be done from a dark color to a lighter one, or the other way around. As your hair grows out, the color continues to look natural which makes it an excellent option for those looking for a more low-maintenance style.

Color Correction
This is all about color theory and chemistry. It's the troubleshooting process to find out what steps need to be taken in order to fix a botched coloring job. When a mishap occurs, it's typically because of the wrong chemical processes and the wrong colors. Box color, at-home color, or at home lightener are more often than not the cause for color tragedies. Your stylist will need to evaluate your hairs condition and then inform you of the best approach to fix the damage.

Highlights, lowlights, balayage, and color correction are just a few of the specialty coloring services Voga Salon offers. If you're interested in any of the above or just looking for a cut, make your appointment today. You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park or give us a call on 913.685.1832. If you want to make your own appointment instantly, use our convenient mobile app. Download it for free on iTunes or Google Play.



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