Great Midsummer Color

Great Midsummer Color

Like it or not, our summer is halfway gone. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the cut and color you chose way back in late spring. Now is the perfect time to grab the remaining warm weather weeks and squeeze all the fun out of them that you can. And a fantastic way to start is by amping up your hair color.

There are a whole slew of color options from which to choose whether you just want a tweak, or are ready for a full on reboot. The keyword for choosing the perfect tone this year is cool – a color from the cool end of the spectrum that will give you the perfect cool look for the rest of the season.

Summer is nearly synonymous with blonde, and your choices are limited only by your imagination. The color names read like a cafe menu – creamy ginger, smoked taupe, platinum ash. Adding babylights woven throughout in a honey tone will brighten it up and add dimension at the same time. Keeping your roots several shades darker will not only give you a spot on color trend, it will also make the grow-out virtually seamless.

Another option on the far end of the blonde spectrum is strawberry, that perfect balance of red and blonde. Again, adding highlights will be your best friend because your colorist will be able to accentuate both the cut as well as your facial features and also use them to truly customize your color. If you’re worried about this one being too red for you, opt instead for peach. It looks great with just about any skin tone and brings a kiss of summer sun to your look.

Not thrilled about going blonde? Keep your brunette shade but give it added dimension with reflective and neutral highlights that are well defined rather than blended in. It’s all about color choice and placement with this look, and your pro colorist will be your best option for getting it just right.

Make the most of the remaining weeks of summer with the team of colorists here at Voga Salon. We want you to enjoy the experience and love the results every time you visit. You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park, or give us a call on 913.685.1832. If you want to make your own appointment instantly, use our convenient mobile app. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.



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