Beautiful Balayage In Kansas City From Voga Salon

Beautiful Balayage in Kansas City from Voga Salon

Are you tired of your dull looking hair? Do you wish you had lively color? Balayage is the hair color industry’s hottest new trend. For the best Balayage in Kansas City, make an appointment with Voga Hair Salon to get fresh, gorgeous looking hair.

Winter is coming to an end, which means it is about time to put away your heavy coats and your boring hair styles and debut bright, shining hair to match the spring season. If you are tired of the same color treatment you have been getting for years, Balayage may the the boost you’ve been dreaming of. If you are ready for a new look with the latest, greatest hair trend, Voga Salon’s very own color expert, Danielle Albro, who has over 11 years experience in the industry, has answers to all your burning questions:

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How is Voga Salon’s Balayage in Kansas City different than a standard highlighting service?

Balayage is the a coloring technique that allows colorists to sweep the product directly onto the hair without the the necessity of foils. Instead, colorists can utilize cotton, balayage film, or nothing at all to ensure that the hair is separated. Balayage is recommended for clients who prefer a more custom, natural look for their hair, rather than the uniform appearance that foils give. Balayage allows the colorist to add highlights in the most flattering places.

You may have heard of the wildly popular “Ombre” look for hair, and Balayage is able to provide just that and more! The term “ombre” refers to the effect of transitioning from light into dark color, while “Balayage,” meaning “to sweep,” is the technique used to achieve the effect.

Are there certain people whose hair is more suited for Balayage?

It is important that you consider your unique hairstyle and length before getting Balayage. Balayage is an incredibly popular option for most styles and lengths of hair, with the exception of a pixie or cropped haircut. In addition to transitioning the Balayage from top of the hair to the bottom, the technique can also be applied from the front of the hair around to the back. It is popular for people with long bobs, or “lobs,” to integrate Balayage into their hair color from front to back, which adds concentration and lightness around the face.

Balayage comes in two popular styles: American Balayage, which is more dramatic and goes through a wider spectrum of shades, and European, which features fewer levels between the lightest and darkest shades of color in your hair.

How can one make their Balayage last as best as possible between salon visits?

Balayage is known for being relatively low maintenance. You will not have to deal with coming back every 4-6 weeks for a foil treatment to touch up your roots, but it is crucial that you visit the salon regularly for a customized glaze treatment 6-8 weeks after your first Balayage coloring. This glaze preserves your beautiful color while conditioning your hair that adds shine and tone. The customized glaze is recommended to pair with a trim, in order to achieve that fresh-out-of-the-salon look. A 12 week touch-up is also recommended to prevent your Balayage look from growing out too quickly and to maintain the integrity of the color.

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Why is it best to turn to a professional stylist for Balayage in Kansas City vs. trying it at home yourself?

Do not be persuaded by the cheap price of at home Balayage treatment boxes! Home Balayage treatment boxes will come with bleach to serve as the lightener. It is important to remember that using box hair treatments are harsh on your hair and can make it appear splotchy. When using a home Balayage box treatment, the results often come out in big stripes with harsh lines, in addition to being unable to precisely control the tone, shade, or lift your hair is receiving.

Professional stylists at Voga Salon are specially trained in color treatments that can provide you with the look you always wish you had. Using box treatments will cost you much more in the long run and can cause damage to your hair! At Voga Salon, we will pamper you and leave you feeling like a new person. The box treatments from a convenience store will not give you the perks that a trusted, experienced salon does.

If you are looking for Balayage in Kansas City, contact Voga Salon today! To get in contact with Voga Salon, feel free to call us at 913-685-1832.

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