Get One Of These Amazing Winter Cuts And Styles For A Stylish Do Today

Get One Of These Amazing Winter Cuts and Styles For A Stylish Do Today

With 2023 here you can expect a lot of new trends popping up! Many great haircuts and hairstyles are popular for the coming year. Voga salon is one of the best places to go to get a wonderful and charming new look, and we want to help you choose some of the very best so you can look amazing. 


Stylish Modern Mullet


The modern mullet is a pretty, punk cut perfect for a lady looking for a great new look. If you want something extra eccentric and cool, pair this cut with micro bangs- bangs are a look that has come back strong in the fashion industry as well. For some extra detail, adding curls to your style will finish off the look perfectly. 


Face Framing Bangs


Curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs are two of the more popular looks in bangs coming around this year. These two looks are practically cousins, as they are similar but still distinct from each other. Curtain bangs fall much more like curtains, whereas bottleneck bangs both frame the face and lie across the forehead. 


A Variety Of Bobs


Lobs, asymmetrical bobs, french bobs, inverted bobs- all of these and more are just a few of the popular bob looks in style this year. Really, any style of bob is chic and stylish for the current season! 


Shimmering Emerald Green


Emerald green is a popular jewel tone that dazzles at the sight. This color might be unnatural, but it still holds a sense of elegance to it. This color is popular in winter especially, given its vibrant hue. 


Coffee Brunette


Deep, rich brunettes will be greatly appreciated this season! This gorgeous natural color is a great trend for people who don’t prefer extravagant looks. This tone is warm and inviting, chic, and pairs well with any cut you could ask for. Going for a natural shade is just as lovely as anything extravagant and flashy. 


Classic Beach Waves


If you want to try a perm but don’t really want a strong curl, why not try a less dramatic change? This hint of summer in the frigid cold will remind you of what's to come later in the year. Beach blonde waves offer fun vibes and warmth that you are sure to love. 


Silky Sleek Ponytail

If you are looking for a trendy updo then this look is perfect for you. Not only is a high sleek ponytail an easy look to gain, but it’s also pretty popular this winter! Keep your hair out of your eyes while looking absolutely fabulous with this simple but gorgeous hairstyle. 


Smoked Blue Colors


If you want a truly gorgeous color, this is the one to aim for. A smokey, muted, but colorful blue hue will absolutely blow everyone away. Though unnatural colors are more high maintenance, it is well worth the time and effort. Especially if you combine this color with black undertones and a fashionable cut. 


Deep Jeweled Red


Another jeweled tone, this color rivals even the deepest red ruby. This, as well as other jeweled tones, are being picked up by many for their sophisticated and bold coloration. If the deep green emerald colors or lovely blue shades aren’t the colors for you, then this may be the very thing you need. 


Winter Silver


This is one of the most high-maintenance colors, but it’s so stunning you won’t regret it! Shades of white and silver can be difficult to apply to naturally dark hair, but light-haired individuals can easily get the color lift necessary to make the color really stick. The color is bright and will give the feel of snow even in areas it is infrequent. 


At Voga Salon we can help you achieve the best hair possible! Go give us a call at 913.685.1832  or download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to make an appointment with your favorite stylists. We are at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park. 



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